D1To get an ex back fast is a long shot, so take your time to read down this long article on how to get ex back fast because it reveals the four major steps of getting an ex back.

Above all, you will learn the 4 deadly mistakes that have been preventing you from getting your ex back.

The first question that usually comes to mind after breakup is, How do I get my ex back ? Brad Browning a relationship expert took many years to study why people break up and how to get ex back fast and he was able to develop definitive method that increases the chances of anybody seeking for how to get ex back fast do that easily.

In fact, his studies, which is called psychology of relationship ensures that your ex come back running to you seeking for a second chance.

His theory on how to get ex back fast is weird and revolutionary, which makes it sound too good to be true but anybody that properly implement his simple yet powerful psychological tactics will definitely experience his ex coming back and begging for second chance instead of the other way round.

Let’s take a look at the steps of how to get ex back fast as stipulated by Brad Browning:

 Step One:  Identify Why The Ex Broke Up

Do you think your ex is being realistic? It is natural that your ex will like to protect your feelings and emotions, which is why your ex will say things like, “it is my fault not yours” and “let just be friends”. His excuses may sound genuine; it is often not the reason for the break up.

Research has shown that majority of break up is as a result of loss of sexual attraction. Your ex will not be blunt about it. In fact, sometimes your ex didn’t even realize they aren’t sexually attracted to you anymore.

So, your first task on how to get ex back fast is to erase the image and memory of old you in his/her brain and be ready to infuse advance sexual attraction into your relationship, which is about to start after applying Brad’s steps of how to get ex back fast.

It is obvious that you may be wondering or asking, what went wrong that lead to loss of sexual attraction?  Is it because I am physically unattractive?

Research show that physical attraction does not usually lead to break up instead attraction is lost due to several behavioral faux pas that stem from insecurity and  lack of confidence.  Brad revealed the facts about behavioral faux pas because if you finally get your ex back you simply cannot afford to keep behaving the same way otherwise you will end up losing your ex forever.

Regardless of whether you get ex back fast or not, it’s important to learn how to develop good habits that your partner will be happy with and will want to be with you forever.

So, before I get to the second step of how to get ex back fast, I’m going to list several Universally Unattractive characteristics that kill attraction, regardless if you are a man or a woman:

1.)  Being Too Controlling

Always allow your partner to relate freely with opposite sex. Do not express anger or disturbed when your partner is relating with opposite sex. However, telling your ex that you didn’t enjoy the company of his/her friends is not only wrong, it kills sexual attraction.

2.)  Being A Complete Pushover

Human beings are naturally attracted to challenges. It boosts their ego when they conquer. Make sure you intelligently and respectfully challenge your partner in various areas of life because that will increase the amount of love he/she has for you. Continue reading how to get ex back fast and be courageous.

3.)  Being Jealous

Instead of being jealous be proud of your partner. I know it is not easy to control the jealous emotion but you can put it on check by being proud of your partner in all situations. If your partner is getting attention from opposite sex or the same sex you did be proud because you are identified with the right person.

Always remember that your partner is a mirror reflection of who you are. So, in learning how to get ex back fast avoid being jealous because it kills attraction.

4.) Constantly Being Depressed Or Unhappy

Emotions are infectious. Unhappy face and character is repulsive. If you are always moody you stand the chance of repelling people around you, your partner inclusive. So, before learning how to get ex back fast, work on increasing your happiness level because it makes you look younger and sexy.

5.) Being Lazy

Laziness is a destructive habit that can lead to several poor life choices on top of being a very unattractive characteristic. If you feel like you’re a lazy person, there are books and resources to help you eliminate this bad habit from your life. You will often see this trait materialize over time in a relationship. This complacency is a huge reason why romances fizzle and die out. All relationships need constant work.

 Step Two: The Isolation Period

how to get ex back fast

According to Brad Browning, experts refer to the isolation period of how to get ex back fast as the “NO CONTACT” rule. Regardless of how long you and your ex broke up or how close he or she lives, there is much need for the isolation period otherwise called the no contact rule.

Many people were meant to believe that just ignoring their ex will do the magic. There are specific ways to go about doing the no contact rule, which will make your ex miss you and work towards having a date with you.

The essence of the isolation period or the no contact rule is to ensure you erase the old you from your ex memory. Your old relationship with your ex didn’t work and the reason it didn’t work could be coming from you. So, one of the ways to get your ex back is to re-write the report in your ex brain.

Typically, the rule of thumb is 30 days of no contact with your ex. Studies shows that 30 days is enough time for emotions to settle (and this period allows time for your ex to possibly miss you). However, there is an exception to every rule. If you’ve been pleading and begging for your ex to come back this whole time, then it’s going to take a lot longer – sometimes, up to a year for very specific cases.

Again, you simply can’t just ignore you ex and then do nothing about it. You need to take actionSo what things do you need to do during the Isolation Period?

First and foremost, you need to work on yourself. You need to go out. You need to have fun. Your ex is not going to want to get back together with you if you’re sad and depressed. Your ex will only be attracted to you again if you’re going out and making the most out of life — remember this!

So, instead of staying indoors and moping around, go out and have fun. Hang out with friends. Be social. Don’t be a hermit! You need to convey to the world that your life is in order and that you aren’t depressed. This can be difficult, but Brad never said getting your ex back was going to be easy.

In fact, during this step of how to get ex back fast, you are strongly advice to date and date as many men or girls as you can. Remember, dating many people does not mean sleeping around. You are simply indulging in what is called a rebound relationship.

While you’re keeping yourself busy and increasing your confidence and value on how to get ex back fast, when will you know whether you’re ready to contact your ex or not? This brings us to the next step…

 Step Three: The First Contact

how to get ex back fast

So how will you know when your ex is ready to be contacted? Well, you don’t. But there are some rules.

If you have just recently separated with your ex and you have not pleaded, beg or cried endlessly to your ex, then you can contact your ex just after the 30 days of no contact period. But if you have begged, cried, pleaded guilty, then you need to extend the isolation period or the no contact period to 60 days.

If you have committed the 4 brutal mistakes that pushes your ex away then you may extend the isolation period to 90 days. If in doubt, then wait until your instinct moves you.

Remember, Brad made it clear that how to get ex back fast have not been easy, so you must be working on yourself by now because you are about to attract your ex back into your life.

The means of contacting your ex is very essential. Depending on the condition of your relationship with your ex, the best form of contact is the e-mail or text message. For no reason should you call your ex on phone. Why? Calling at this point is far too forward. You have to take things gently. Calling your ex at this point depicts desperation and frustration. You don’t want to signal anything at all.

The content of the e-mail or text message to your ex will be a thought provoking question. Brad refers to such question(s) as Non-Threatening questions. You will start the process of solving the question how to get back ex fast with thought provoking question because this is not the time to say hello or time to ask your ex out or remind him how much you love him/her. The only reason you’re contacting him or her is to ask them a non-threatening question.

For example, you’ll want to send a text message that says something like:

“Hi, just was wondering the name of that restaurant we went to on New Years. Hope all is well.” 

This message has two components. It contain a question that it is only your ex can answer it. Secondly, it is thought provoking because it reveals that you are up and running greatly with or without your ex. In fact, it tells that all is well with you so you don’t care if your ex gets back or not.


According to Brad the founder of these steps of how to get ex back fast, testimonies have shown that over 95% of people replied to the text message above or similar questions. So, if he replies, you are in the business. You will be bringing up what is known as small talk. Keep up the small talk and occasionally abruptly end the conversation. Sign off with, “Okay, thanks. I have to go to my yoga class, talk soon!”

During the small talk, you don’t need to quickly reply him. Reply at every 1 hour interval and be the one to abruptly end the conversation. Remember you are trying to let him/her know that you don’t care much.

You should learn to establish small talk weekly until you become friendly with your ex again.


Brad assumes that there are various reasons why your ex may not reply to such thought provoking question. May be your ex might have been tired or so busy such that he/she will completely forget replying your message. There are ton of reasons, so for now don’t worry. As a rule of thumb, don’t text your ex again.

In this process of how to get ex back fast, you are expected to only text your ex after 10 days from the day he did not reply your message. So, go on building yourself physically, mentally and emotionally by doing things you love doing, learning new skill, hanging out with friends because all you need is something that will take off your mind from your ex

If you continually text your ex, you will be jeopardizing the whole operation. You’ve made it this far, so don’t mess it up! You’ll be tempted to text again right away, but instead, focus on yourself again.

Step Four: The Magnetic Attraction Period

As time goes on in learning how to get ex back fast, you need to make a physical contact with your ex. You need to set a date with your ex.

How do you set a date with your ex such that your ex will not turn down your request? Remember, your first date with him/her is all you need to seduce your ex back again. So, be prepared for advanced seduction skill.

To avoid your ex turning down your request, you must focus on his/her strong points. Your ex will be very much interested because he/she will like to display expertise in his area of specialization so as to attract you the more.

For instance you can start a chat like this:

Hi Lucy- I know you are very much good when it comes to interior decor. I am currently trying to change the curtains in my house and wanted your opinion on how to get a nice one that will match the color of my house. Mind we get together for coffee?


Hello Sam- I am sure you always talk about France. I am planning to go on vacation to France Mind if we get together for a coffee so I can grill you with some questions?

As you can see, these requests connote two things. Firstly, you are indirectly telling your ex that all is well with you even without him/her in your life. Secondly, you are boosting his/her ego, which will make him/her want to see you.

On how to get ex back fast at this point, you need to be posing as just a friend, no sexual emotion attached to it……at least not yet. Always remind your ex that the meeting is going to be short and to the point.

Once the actual date occurs, you need to turn up the sexual chemistry. Start flirting! Flirting is the number one way to spark attraction again and compel your ex to think of you in a sexual manner. Don’t know how to flirt? Don’t worry, bro/sis, Brad got you covered…

  •  Smile At Your Ex

Always remember that you are trying to let your ex know that things are well with you with or without him. So, you need to put up smile in your face while discussing with him/her. Do not over do this. How to get ex back fast? Continue.

  •  Freely Touch Your Ex

It does not matter if you are the gal or guy. Touching is a form of communication, so use it as often as you can during the meeting. It can be a high five, tapping at the back or laps. Touching incredibly increases bonding experience between two human beings. How to get ex back fast entails using touching.

  •  Stare At  Him Or Her In The Eye

One of the established facts of triggering sexual chemistry is through staring. Staring reveals inners sexual motives. So, stare at his/her eyes and equally stare at is lips. Always maintain a romantic eye contact with your ex.

4.   Reminisce  About Sexual Encounters You’ve Had With Him OR Her, But Subtly.

Try and re-ignite the passion by bringing up something surrounding a sexual moment in your past with your ex. For example, if you and your ex had a steam sexual encounter right after the Dodgers game a year ago, talk about the events immediately preceding the sexual encounter. Try and remind them how sexual and passionate it was.


Using humour in how to get ex back fast means that you must carry your ex along. You need to do all these stated above without him/her suspecting of being worked on.

This means you will do them such that it will appear that your ex is in control but the fact remains that you are in charge.

This is what Brad refers to as reverse psychology. Once your ex is happy, smiling and enjoying himself/herself then you offer your ex another reason why he/she must visit you either in your house, hotel room or any enclosure.

For instance, Say you got a new collection of fish or the new Call of Duty for your PS4. Whatever you do, do not just invite your ex over for fun or for no reason.

This is pretty long article, yet I did not discuss how to keep your ex forever after making up. What is the essence of learning how to get ex back fast if you can’t keep them?

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