how to win back an ex boyfriend

How to Win Back an Ex Boyfriend? Your ex will be on his knees begging

There are four basic steps you need to take in order to stop your search on how to win back an ex boyfriend. If you properly apply these four steps on how to win back an ex boyfriend then there is high probability of you getting back your ex fast and easily.

These four steps on how to win back an ex boyfriend works even if your ex boyfriend has started dating another girl or he vowed not to love you again. The four steps are:


  1. Identify the root cause of the break up
  2. Practice Isolation or NO CONTACT rule
  3. The first contact
  4. The Magnetic attraction

In addition, these four steps on how to win back an ex boyfriend works easily if you have not committed the 5 brutal mistakes that usually hampers gals’ effort in getting back their ex boyfriend.

Identify the Root Cause of the Break up

Research shows that 97% of break up are caused by lack of sexual attraction. Lack of sexual attraction does not mean you are not physically attractive rather there are several behavioral faux pas that stem from insecurity and a lack of confidence, which usually cause break up.

Therefore, the first step of how to win back an ex boyfriend is to identify those behaviors and examine which one among them you think may be the cause of the break up. Some of the behaviors are:

  • Being too controlling
  • Being a complete push over
  • Being jealous
  • Constantly being depressed or unhappy
  • Being lazy

The fact is that men don’t usually complain or blunt about the issue they only logically back off by saying things like, baby, it is not your fault it is mine. Let us just be friends.

Practice Isolation or NO CONTACT rule

No matter how long you have been together or how close you are living, you need to completely isolate yourself from your ex boyfriend for a period of 4 weeks. This means you need to avoid all form of communication with your boyfriend.

  • No phone call
  • No SMS
  • No facebook chat
  • No twitter chat
  • No bumping into each other

This step of how to win back an ex boyfriend is crucial because it will send a shocking message to your ex boyfriend and it will make him understand that you can move on with or without him.

If you have committed the 5 brutal mistakes earlier on, then the no contact period can be extended to 60 days.

What do you do during the no contact period? You must involve into things that will keep your mind completely off from your ex boyfriend. Things such as going to gym, learning new skill, hanging out with friends, reading new books and many more, it is time to physically, mentally and emotionally build yourself up.

The First Contact

How will you re-establish contact with your ex boyfriend so that you will not look stupid before him? Research shows that SMS and email message is the best means of communication  to use for the first contact.

You will start by sending thought provoking or non-threatening questions, which he must be, the only person to answer it. Also, the question must be a curiosity triggering questions. For instance you can send message like the one below:

“Hi Sam, just was wondering the name of that restaurant we went to on New Year Day. Hope all is well.” 

This question is thought provoking because it reveals to your ex boyfriend that you are doing fine without him and that will trigger his curiosity.

The Magnetic Attraction

The last step on how to win back an ex boyfriend is referred as the magnetic attraction. This involves applying advanced seduction skill and powerful text messages to attract your ex to have one on one contact with you.

You are expected to learn how to use touching, smiling, staring and humor to make your ex boyfriend be on his knees begging for a second chance.

The detailed process of how to win back an ex boyfriend found in the ex factor book is called reverse psychology, it has never failed and it is as old as man.

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