getting your ex back

getting your ex back? Why are you interested in getting your ex back after break up? Do you thing he/she loves you in the first instance? Does the relationship worth mending? Is there any right and genuine information on getting your ex back? Are you ready to pay the price of getting your ex back?

You cannot get your ex back unless you honestly provide answers to the question above. Your ability to provide answers to the questions above will give you clear direction on how to get your ex back without crying, begging or pleading endlessly.

Though, there are paid and free information on how to get your ex back, only few have what it takes to reveal the exact steps of getting your ex back. The ex factor book by Brad browning is one of such guides that contains weird and revolutionary steps on getting your ex back.

According to the guide there are 5 brutal mistakes, which many people seeking to get an ex back do that hampers their effort. In fact, these four mistakes pushes their ex away.

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After realizing the 5 deadly mistakes that are pushing your ex away then you move on to the four major steps of getting your ex back, which has never failed.

Step #1 On Getting your Ex Back

As earlier said at the begging of this article, you should take time to analyze the situation on ground by asking yourself questions such as, what is the root cause of the break up? Does the relationship worth salvaging? Am I ready to adjust in case if I am found wanting in the relationship?

If the relationship is worth salvaging, then you will apply a very difficult but technical aspect of getting your ex back, which is referred as the “Isolation Rule” or “NO CONTACT” rule. This means you will avoid all form of communication with your ex for a minimum period of 4 weeks.

  • NO calls
  • Avoid SMS
  • No Facebook chat
  • Don’t twit
  • No bump into each other

Come to think of it, if calling, texting and chatting your ex frequently works, why is it that your ex has not giving you a second chance? If begging, pleading or crying works why is it that your ex has not giving you second chance?

The “NO CONTACT” sends a doubt message to your ex, which is why your ex will do anything to hear from you.

So, in getting your ex back, you have to be unconventional in the way of getting back an ex.

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Step #2 on Getting your ex Back

The second step is known as “OFF TIME”. This is the time you need to take away your mind and thinking completely off from your ex. You can only do that by engaging in extracurricular activities you love doing so much such as going to gym, hanging out with friends, learning new skill, reading new books and above all, take good physical and mental care of yourself in preparation of welcoming back your ex to love you forever.

In a nutshell, you will be in no contact period and enjoying things you love doing so as not to be tempted to contact your ex until you complete your 30 days exercise.

Though, to every rule there is or are exceptions. Depending on the situation of your relationship, the no contact rule can be extended. If  you just broke up then the 30 days works.

But if you have been begging and pleading before now, then you can extend the isolation period for 60 days.

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Step #3 on Getting your Ex Back

The reconnecting period is the last step of getting your ex back but not the least because after re-connection you need to continue working on the relationship until it stands forever. You need advanced seduction skill in order to make your ex feel guilty of not having accepted you earlier than now.

You need access to magnetic messages, which have proved to be efficient in getting an ex back even if your ex has started dating another person or even if your ex vowed not to love you again.

These 3 steps highlighted in this article coupled with other steps found in the ex factor guide has really helped thousands of people around the globe to get back their exes without much hassles.